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12 Week Challenge

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You can lose between 10 - 30kg in weight and 10 to 25% body-fat in only 12 weeks - and that's without sticking 100% to the nutritional plan - it's that easy!

No gym memberships are required as this can be done outdoors or in the comfort of your own home. Anyone can do it. This challenge works for anybody, regardless of your body shape, age, genetically inherited metabolism or your current weight. The program is personally designed to each individual, so if your wanting to lose as little as 5kg or anywhere up to 30kg and over, this is for you.

Nutrition and training programs are tailored to each individual based on your current lifestyle and nutrition likes and dislikes.

Improved health benefits:

* Stabilize and control blood sugar levels
* Decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels
* Decrease water retention
* Decrease blood pressure
* Increase energy levels
* Dramatic decrease in body fat levels

You can start now!

Your package includes:

* Personalized nutritional plan tailored to each individual
* Body fat, weight and measurements checked every 2 weeks
* Detailed progress report every 2 weeks, including weight body fat and measurements.
* 2 tailored training programs for maximum fat loss and muscle toning
* Unlimited food adjustments at no extra charge
* Full back up support throughout
* Before and after photos
* Maintenance nutritional plan provided once challenge is complete
* Continued support given once challenge is complete
* Payment can be made in 2 installments over a 2 week period